TOP 5 FOODS TO AVOID to help decrease inflammation in the body.

WHITE SUGAR, ARTIFICIAL SUGARS , WHITE AND ENRICHED WHEAT FLOUR, DEEP FRIED FOODS and SODA.............................. Now what happens? You avoid these foods which are in fast food, grocery stores, breads, pastries, restaurants, in your cupboards, etc. and what do you replace them with? Whole grains, like whole grain whole wheat not enriched, read the ingredient list. quinoa, rice, ezekial, millet, teff, brown rice bread, gluten free breads, wraps, english muffins, cookies etc, WATCH the SUGAR! Just because its gluten free doesn't mean its sugar free. Keep the sugar content low on a daily basis. Avoid the white sugar, processed, diet sugars like splenda, aspartame. These are not real

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