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TOP 5 FOODS TO AVOID to help decrease inflammation in the body.


Now what happens? You avoid these foods which are in fast food, grocery stores, breads, pastries, restaurants, in your cupboards, etc. and what do you replace them with?

Whole grains, like whole grain whole wheat not enriched, read the ingredient list.

quinoa, rice, ezekial, millet, teff, brown rice bread, gluten free breads, wraps, english muffins, cookies etc, WATCH the SUGAR! Just because its gluten free doesn't mean its sugar free. Keep the sugar content low on a daily basis. Avoid the white sugar, processed, diet sugars like splenda, aspartame. These are not real sugar, they are chemical compounds. Use a little real sugar like local honey, stevia, raw turbinado sugar, maple sugar, coconut sugar, agave, fruit sugar. etc Fruit is a natural sugar. Moderation is the key. Avoid sodas due to the chemicals and high sugar content, try the natural sodas like Zevia, sweetened with stevia, great for diabetics and you can find this in health section of the grocery store. Avoid the deep fried fatty foods. Use healthy oils like coconut oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, olive oil. Small amounts daily is healthy.

Variety is the key when making changes and be aware of how you feel when you eat.

Awareness and mindfulness allows for one to realize that maybe the IBS symptoms they are experiencing is due to what they are eating. Reflux is often relieved when the food culprit is eliminated.

Most importantly increase your vegetable intake daily. These foods are enzyme rich, full of nutrients that feed the cells. They are chock full of goodness. You can Juice, steam, broil, bake, eat them raw as they are soo good for you. There is plenty to choose from.

The better you start to feel the better you will continue to eat. AS inflammation decreases with dietary changes and energy increase, lifestyles start to change. You get energized and that leads to exercise and feeling good about yourself.

Exercise , drink lots of water, eat healthy most of the time and use moderation when choosing not so healthy. ENJOY

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