ALKA-LEAN Wellness Sessions 2022 and 2023

Welcome to a new version of you!

Think of the possibilities of becoming a better version of yourself with increased energy, motivation and clarity.

All this with a with just a few lifestyle changes.  

December 4th Sunday 2:30-5pm

*Discussions about healthy eating for the body and mind.
*Learn the importance of alkalinity and how to achieve it.
*Discover foods that affect  hormones and metabolism, the effects of stress and how to achieve balance.  

*Q&A time included. menu plan

                 HEALTHY MOVEMENT   Learn a short and gentle ancient yoga movement practice to support whole body balance.

MUSIC for mind, body & spirit.

January 20th, 2023 Friday 6:30-9pm

Nutrition talk on cleansing 

Hormones and Stress

Food for Fuel

Healthy Movement

Live Music 

March 2023


 OCTOBER 5th -8th, 2023, Thursday evening to Sunday noon  

stay posted for more info


 Ochre Pit, NL....(90 minute drive from St John's)  

Meditation, Awareness Yoga, Hiking,Wellness, 

Nutritious healthy farm to table food,  Soul vs Ego, Wellbeing tools, Live Music and Chanting and much more.

For more information please email or